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Rod Mill

Rod Mill

Product Introduction
A grinding equipment with steel rod as medium
Product Improvement
Xinhai rod mills include overflow rod mill, end peripheral discharge rod mill and center peripheral discharge rod mill, which could meet different requirement.

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Wet Type Rod Mill,Ball Mill Manufacturer Provide Rod Mill of China

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  • The steel rod takes regular movement in mill

  • It is convenient to install and maintain

  • Rapidly discharging

  • Even particle size of product, little over grinding

Product Introduction

The name of?rod mill?is from the medium in mill is steel rod. ?The rod mill is generally wet overflow type used in the first stage grinding, especially in artificial sand and stone, mineral processing plant and ?power sector of chemical plant.

Product Principle

The?rod mill?is driven by motor with speed reducer and peripheral large gear, or low speed synchronous motor with peripheral large gear. The grinding medium --- steel rod is put into the cylinder which is lifted, and then fall under the action of the centrifugal force and friction force. The materials entering into cylinder form the feeding inlet are grinded by movable grinding medium and discharged out by overflow and continuously feeding.

Grinding medium

The grinding medium of rod mill is steel rod which is recognized that the length of rod is less than 7m because the large length is easy to twine. The diameter of rod is 75~150mm

Grinding rod should have enough stiffness and hardness to keep straight, and it should not be too crisp which causes the rod broke into pieces without enough wear. If the rod is too soft, it is easy to bend and twine which makes trouble to clean machine

Product application

Rod mill can provide ball mill and pebble mill with feeding materials, while it is able to reduce the lowest rate of unacceptable products which are too coarse or too fine.

The fineness of end products processed by rod mill can reach 2". Open-circuit production can provide 5-10 mesh products; close-circuit production can provide 35 mesh products in combination with screen or other equipment. Rod mill, the drum-type mill with rod as grinding medium, is applicable to ores, coals or other minerals in wet or dry mode. Rod mill can provide best performance under these following working conditions: open-circuit production can provide end products with maximum particle size of 4-16; close-circuit production can provide 35 mesh products in association with screen or other equipments. Although the rod mill performance can be dramatically enhanced if feed particle size is rendered between 3/4, the rod mill is able to process ores with maximum feed particle size of 11/2.

In wet mode, Rod mill can handle materials with high humidity, which are difficult to be treated by fine grinding and dry screening. As proved by practice, rod mill is able to grind humid material in dry mode, while other mills are probably subject to clogging. In addition, selection the right lining plate can considerably eliminate abrasion of vulnerable parts.

Product Structure

Rod Mill

(1)Rod mill is usually selected in order to prevent over grinding in gravity or magnetic separation plant of tungsten tin and other rare metals mine

(2)In two stages grinding, ?the capacity of rod mill used in the first stage grinding is larger than ball mill's

(3)In some cases, rod mill can replace short head cone crusher

Rod Mill FAQ

Q: How is the quality of your products?

A: Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and international standard, and we take a test on every grinder before delivery..

Q:Do you provide beneficiation flow chart?

A:Yes. Our experienced engineers are specialized in designing process flow for various ores beneficiation, including iron ore, tin ore, copper ore, gold ore, lead zinc ore, manganese ore, etc.

Q: Do you provide after-sale service?

A: Yes. The warranty period of our machines is one year, and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

Technical Parameters:

Model Cylinder
Motor Model Motor
MBY0918 900 1800 Y225M-8 22 730 4980 2370 2020 0.62~3.2 0.9 5700
MBYg0924 900 2400 Y225M-8 22 730 5001 1865 1400 0.81~4.3 1.2 6443
MBY1224 1200 2400 Y280M-8 45 730 6450 2800 2500 0.4 ~4.9 2.28 12308
MBY1530 1500 3000 JR125-8 95 725 7935 3185 2280 5 19990
MBYg1530 1500 3000 JR117-8 80 725 7253 3070 2280 2.4 ~7.5 5 21210
MBYg2130 2100 3000 JR136-8 180 735 8122 4220 3073 14 ~35 9 42123.5
MBYg2136 2100 3600 JR137-8 210 735 8958 4320 3025 43 ~61 10.8 45800.5
MBYg2430 2400 3000 JR138-8 280 735 9004.5 4836.4 3490 11.5 55795
MBYg2732 2700 3200 JR157-8 320 750 10509 5000 3620 15.7 83110
MBYg2736 2700 3600 JR1510-8 380 743 10764 5150 3620 32 ~86 17.7 90441
MBY2740 2700 4000 TDMK400-32 400 187.5 12300 5700 4700 43~110 20.4 75000
MBY3040 3000 4000 JR1510-8 570 740 9800 3900 3900 54~135 26 90000
MBY3245 3200 4500 TDMK800-36 800 167 14600 7000 5300 64~180 31 113000
MBY3645 3600 4500 TDMK1250-40 1250 150 15200 8800 6800 80~230 41.8 139000
MBY3654 3600 5400 TDMK1600-40 1600 150 15900 8800 6800 100~250 49.7 150000

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